Sunday, 26 December 2010

JYC 24 Christmas Eve

P and I are now both nursing bad colds, so it was lucky there was not much to do today except tidy the house.
R spent most of the day following Santa from the North Pole, across Australia and Asia on Google Earth. When he reached Europe it was time for bed!
A 4pm we went to the Christingle service at church (for an explanation see this post). Lots of friends to wish Happy Christmas, and a lovely reminder of what it is really all about.
We relit the Christingle at teatime and burnt the end of the Advent candle then went upstairs to find the best positions to hang stockings.
After a bath and a debate (which M won) about what to leave out for Father Christmas, we put a bowl of water and a carrot outside for the reindeer and left a mince pie and a drink in M's favourite cup for Santa himself. The children were by then keen to go up to bed and wait for the Big Day.
I arranged the presents under the tree and Paul and I had a quiet Christmas Eve dinner of pork filet in mustard sauce, before we too snuggled down in bed with a lemsip!


humel said...

I hope you feel better now, Kirsty, and that you had a lovely Christmas xx

Sian said...

I hope you have managed to get off the lemsips by now and that you had a wonderful Day Kirsty :)