Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Stange Case of What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday

So, Watson. Let's review the evidence.

This softly moulded purple cushion sports a workspace, lamp and recess for small bits. It's use is obvious - a workdesk-in-front-of -the -telly. This tells us that the owner is both a busy crafter and slightly lazy. It is evidently new - the lamp still works and the 40th birthday cards displayed on nearby shelves suggest that the owner may have recently received some Hobbycraft  vouchers.

So what was happening here last night? Elementary, my dear Watson. Last night was spent watching 'Casualty'  and cutting out these cute Christmas toppers, which were the reason for buying yet another Christmas Card making magazine. The number of such magazines reveal the owner to be a sucker for Christmas and craft magazines but she is not by nature a hoarder as she obviously makes sure she puts the free gifts to good use.

There is a final piece of evidence, which I believe to be a red herring - a bowl of fruit. It is my belief, Watson, that most crafters eat chocolate rather than apples whilst creating, so this will need further investigation.

Our next step must be to scrutinise some other desks. Let us visit the inestimable Julia and see whether she can shed some more light on the strange goings on we have seen in Blogland on Wednesdays.


Theresa said...

Cute Post Sherlock:) A multitasker indeed! Happy creating and thanks for the visit!

Maria (inkymits) said...

Great looking desk Kirsty!
Maria inkymits x
#84 i think

humel said...

lol! Great piece of writing :-)

Wipso said...

I'm sure Sherlock would find a chocolate lover here too :-) Enjoy.
A x

Anonymous said...

Wonderful little story, all the deductions appear to be correct too! Hope you enjoy the chocolate, oops, I mean apples!!

Brenda 90

Mandi said...

Sheer bliss!
i have to endure hubby holding the remote in the evenings, never get a look in, maybe I should craft too!

mandi xx

S said...

Love your post today. Fun!

Hazel said...

Lovely to be able to watch and craft at the same time - very well organised x Hazel #100

Julia Dunnit said...

Well the evidence suggests that the crafter may well have left the chocolate out of sight....perhaps the lap tray in front of the telly is quite literally a 'front', so the fruit bowl isn't the real red herring? Oooo err! Great fun post K!

Susan Allan said...

I think I would choose chocolate every time.
Sue xx 60

jude said...

Cute desk but unfortunately i hate chocolate so havent problem when crafting getting it all over my creations.Im sure i would if i did eat it!Never eat and craft at same time as i can imagine the
hugs judex

Spyder said...

I've read the Time Travers wife, think I liked the film better as being dyslexic I missed a lot out! only I think the film didn't have the right ending, I liked the books ending best...Harry Potter and the ...????you had busy desk!
a different one over there to us!?!

Happy WOYWW!! ((Lyn))

Chrissie said...

Great post!
I have one of those gizmos too, but mine is not purple, but a boring shade of grey... what does that tell you Sherlock?

Cardmaking Galore said...

What a good idea to use that workspace in front of the TV. Great for colouring or making embellishments

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

What a lovely work to craft in you have. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 36)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You are SO clever!! Love it, Sherlock. And I hope your birthday was the best one ever! BTW, you are not a lazy crafter, you are a multi-tasker. It's belated, but heartfelt none-the-less.

karen said...

Funny post, Sherlock!
Maybe there is chocolate underneath the fruit?
Your images you are working on look cute! Will look for the finished cards!
Happy WOYWW!

Shirley Pumpkin said...

lol.. cute story.. but I don't that is real fruit.. I think its candy wraped like fruit.. I need to try that on my husband.. where do you get that fake wraped candy.. lol thanks for the nice comment on my blog.

Shirley Pumpkin #47