Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Lesson Plan

With the shadow of Ofsted overhead, this is on my mind!

AIM: To get through a busy working day without forgetting I am also a mother

By the end of the day:
  • ·         R and M will have got to and from school, childminder and nursery safely, on time and with all necessary kit (Safeguarding)
  • ·         I will have taught 5 hours of lessons without hesitation, repetition or deviation.
  • ·         My students will have learnt how to talk on the telephone, form a complex sentence and make a Christmas pudding (Citizenship, Equality and Diversity)
  • ·         R will have completed his Literacy homework before I go out to teach my evening class and I will have heard him read for at least 10 minutes.
  • ·         I will have cooked 3 different evening meals for 4 people  before I go out to teach my evening class (safeguarding)
  • ·         I will have blogged for WOYWW
  • ·         I will have sorted out my jewellery for sale at tomorrow’s Christmas Shopping evening
2x Book bags
1 x large wheeled tote for all my teaching equipment (known as Shrek, as it is a bright green monster)
2 x school uniform
5 x chicken pieces, 1 vegetarian sausage, 1 tin of baked beans, 1 jar of Cook-in sauce, as many biscuits as I decide they are allowed
1 x very overused computer
1 x very untidy car

Those of you who are here execting to see my workdesk, please check back in this evening (UK time) and I will have something to show

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