Friday, 1 October 2010

Learn Something New Thursday 30th September

Today I looked back and realised how much can happen in a single month, and how much I can achieve.
A real 'Back to School' experience.
I enrolled for three weeks then started 4 new classes, that's 60 new students to get to know and managed to keep up with Learn Something New Every Day, by blogging my lessons.
Paul took on a new form and went back to school with a new headmaster.
R went into Year 4, started Cubs, started piano lessons, gained his orange tip in Karate and moved up to the middle drama group.
M began swimming by herself, and wearing school uniform for the first time to go to nursery every afternoon.
The first day of october has been heralded by rain, but this is the month of my 40th birthday - so will also be eventful.

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