Friday, 24 September 2010

Learn Something New Every Day - Friday 24th September. What a lovely surprise

Today I learned a surprise is just what I needed.
 I have just come home - in the rain - at the end of a very tiring week.  Feeling pretty jaded, I put the kettle for a much needed cuppa and picked up my post. Bills, bills, junk.aaah. A package. A real package with a hand written address!

Look what I found inside: a gorgeous handmade book and card from Mel.

I love it. My hasty photo doesn't actually show the card in its true yummy ice cream colours, but I was so impatient to blog my gratitude.
I've been thinking of keeping a mini book with photos of my jewellery in - partly for my own satisfaction, partly to entice customers. This might be the perfect book. Or for Journal Your Christmas 2010. Or... what a lovely dilemma.
Thank you so much, Mel

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humel said...

Kirsty, this post made my day :-) I was scrolling down my blogroll and the card in the pic caught my eye - I thought it looked familiar but wasn't immediately sure why! - then I realised.... I'm sorry it took a while to get something to you, but it sounds like the timing was right after all :-)