Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Document 2010 - April pages

We are getting busier as the year goes on. April featured: Easter (of course) with an Easter Sunday egg hunt and a trip to Cherence; A St. George's Day parade with Beavers, flight chaos at the beginning of term leaving several colleagues and students stranded abroad and the first tentative signs of Spring. I'm glad I decided to make this my focus page, as the beginning of May has been very cold here.
I like the die cut papers, which I usualy never have the nerve to use - I normally just stroke them, I'm also pleased with the use of toilettries packaging to replace the envelope this month. I'm enjoying this different take on scrapping the year, although my album is already a lot bulkier than normal.


Laura said...

Your pages are lovely. Love the papers.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pages! I must say Spring time is getting much quieter now the children have grown up! Thanks for your comment on my blog!!