Wednesday, 3 March 2010

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday

Here is my desk, in the dining room. And, yes this is the tidied-up-espcially-for-a-photo version! You don't want to see it normally!
From left to right you can see:
My wall of children's work to inspire me. Right now there's a brand new email message my 7yr old left on my computer which reads Mummy I luve you more then enening you havd paid for me I hope you like my story that I made for you. I do!
My printer ready with a fresh ream of paper.
My messy pen pot.
2 pretty notebooks which I was given for Christmas but haven't found a use for yet.
My workbox of jewellery-making kit. I need to attach a clasp to a beaded butterfly necklace I made for a colleague.
My lap top. The screen saver is a picture of me aged 2.
Behind the laptop are 3 plastic boxes flled with a jumble of random embellishments and ribbons.
The books which I use on a regular basis for work,including dictionary and coursebooks as well as a bible, my card planner / birthday book, Christmas planner (yes, I do know it's March, but I haven't put it away) and my envelope of Document 2010.
The clip in front of the books came from Cyprus and holds my 'in'tray'.
A bottle of R's Omega-3 tablets.
A TV which is rarely watched but my desk is the only place with a decent reception.
A relatively small pile of marking sits in front of the TV and a badge which I need to sew onto R's Beaver uniform.
My basket of craft essentials which I keep to hand for every project.


Linby said...

Notice we have same tastes in Chocolate! I go for the orange creams too. However, I will leave you to the Ginger-urgh and the caramels.

Julia Dunnit said...

Welcome Kirsty - so glad you made it...and what a comprehensive tour of your desk, love that! Show us some your jewellery some time will ya!

Paula Gale said...

aah - what a lovely message from you daughter :O) can't wait to see more of your desk!!!

Paula x x x

Linda Elbourne said...

Fab desk details going on here ... I did n't even need to squint ... you listed it all! Same time ... Same place next week :0)

Julia Dunnit said...

Aha - been back for a longer look Kirsty..Wednesdays are a bit manic!! The jewellery you re-jigged is gorgeous; how patient you are. I love your multi photo scrapbooking too.....that requires deep breaths and bouts of courage for me! Vive la difference!

Wipso said...

Lovely message from your little one. Memories to treasure. You have a very organised crafting space.
A x

Anonymous said...

Mmm, chocolate, although I don't like dark! Very busy desk, glad you joined us on WOYWW and welcome to the world of blogging too!

Brenda (I love genealogy too!!)