Sunday, 28 March 2010


Sorry I've been incommunicado for the past couple of weeks. We've had exams at college and I always find interlocuting the Speaking and Listening test very stressful and tiring. So, I'll try to catch up.
Well, I'm as certain as I can be that MMH's father was indeed Ernest Holmes, a grocer in East Anglia. I found them living together in Norwich on the 1911 Census, with mother Ada Mary and her mother Caroline Ann Dawes. I was then able to trace the Holmes' back to John, born 1793. There are also a couple of very tenous pieces of circumstantial evidence which point to this being the right MMH: an uncle was pawnbroker in Brighton, where she had links, and a first cousin listed her occupation as 'Music Teacher' in 1991. MMH was apparently musically talented, and ended her days as a headteacher.
I'll never know the real reason for all her stories, but I feel pleased to have finally unravelled some of it. It (almost!) vindicates the hours I have spent.
Craftwise, I have finished my first jewellery commission from online. Thanks Vicki!
R has spent the past 2 weekends in back-to-back rehearsals and peformances of 'Beauty and the Beast'. I watched it yesterday afternoon and was pleasantly surprised by the standard of this amateur children's group (I had seen some of the rehearsals!). I also helped backstage last night and was less surprised by the noise 40 children can make in a dressing room! Not my first choice of ways to spend my 11th wedding anniversary, but P has promised to postpone it until we are in France over Easter.
Mother's Day and 'Beauty' will form the 2 12x12 pages for my March Document 2010 so if you check back here on WOYWD Wednesday, I might have something to show.

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