Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Playing Favourites

Five Things I love:
  • Autumn - the colours, the crunch, the sharp cold, the bright sunshine, the new school year, my birthday.
  • Chocolate - cheap and cheerful Cadbury's milk or exotic expensive Lindt 70% dark, a box of Roses or a bar of Bournville. Anything really, except Coffee Creams.
  • Books - new glossy hardbacks or well-thumbed library books, Cutting Edge Contemporary Fiction, gruesome thrillers or the gentle nostalgia of re-reading a Classic. I don't read Jilly Cooper, Westerns or Celeb biographies, but almost anything else will do.
  • Purple - scrapbooking paper, clothes, jewellery. I bought the yummiest purple winter coat and handbag in the sales.
  • Normandy, France - the pace of life is so much gentler than the UK, the scenery is pretty, the people are friendly, the food is delicious. Oh yes, and chocolate, obviously!

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